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BrowZine: Resources

Do you want to make your LibGuides even better?  Everything you need is right here.

How to add the widget

STEP 1 - Build the Widget

1. Go to

2. Build your widget

3. Copy the code

STEP 2 - Add it to your guide

1. Select "Add / Reorder"

2. Select "Media / Widget"

3. Paste the code


STEP 3 - Admire your work

How to add a table of titles

Library and Information Science Research

College & Research Libraries

Information and Organization

Journal of Library Administration

STEP 1 - Insert a table

1. In the Rich Text / HTML Editor, click on the icon to insert a table.

2. Plan how many rows and columns you will need.  How many journals do you want to feature?

LibGuide column width Number of journal columns
25% 1
33% 2-3
50% 3-4
75% 5-6

STEP 2 - Add journal images

1. Locate your journals in BrowZine

2. Right click on a journal and select "Copy Image Address"

3. In your LibGuide table, place your cursor in the table and click on the image icon

4. Paste the Image URL

STEP 3 - Add journal links

1. In BrowZine, right click on the journal and select "Copy Link Address"

2. In the LibGuide picture editor, paste the journal URL

3. TIP: Set the target to open in a new [blank] window.



How to add the BrowZine search box

Search for journals by Title, Subject, or ISSN: 



STEP 1 - Locate your BrowZine ID

1. Log in to BrowZine.

2. Your BrowZine ID is the number in your library's BrowZine URL:

STEP 2 - Add the search box code

1. Using "Rich Text / HTML", select 

2. Add the following HTML Code:

<form method="get" action="">
    <legend>Search e-journals</legend>
    <label for="query">Title, ISSN or Subject keywords</label>
    <input type="text" name="query" id="query">
    <input type="submit" value="submit">

3. Replace the ### with your library's BrowZine ID

STEP 3 - Tweak to fit

Play around with the code to match your site's design. Need help?  Contact us at